Both sides of the Coin called Google Ad words

By now most of you realize that Google can give our websites the ability to appear within their results pages using a Pay Per Click model (PPC). This is called Google Adwords Hopefully, you will also be aware that that Google offers website owners the ability to display these PPC results on their own websites. For this privilege, Google will pay the website owner a share of the PPC revenue earnt from any click throughs on the results displayed on their website.

This is called Google Adsense So there you have both sides of the Google coin. On one side, the ability to drive low cost targeted traffic and on the other side, the ability to generate revenue from your existing traffic. You'd think that was the end of it but really it is only the beginning.

Heads or Tails? Heads it is?. Let's look at Adwords There are those that think? ?write your ad, pays your money and away you go. Which to 80% of the people using Adwords, this seems to work OK for them.

Remember I said OK! For the other 20% , these guys and gals, are testing, changing, innovating and working Google as hard as they can. One such character is Chris Carpenter , whose Google Cash is pioneering in the way that he works Google and now lets other work Google just as hard. "Like Bruce Lee taught us the art of fighting without fighting, Chris Carpenter shows us the art of website revenue generation without a website!" Chris has shown examples of Adwords campaigns that cost cents to set up but pay dollars in commissions. None of my current investments give me such a high ROI. I have tried my hand at it and I am currently making around $4000 per month just from this one product. I am only spending $250 on Adwords to get this return.

Why not have a look at Google Cash yourself. Tails you win! Secondly, while most people just cut and paste Adsense code into all the pages of their site, they just leave it at that thinking job done! They don't explore the high value keywords in their market or niche. Why do that? Well if you knew what the more profitable keywords and terms are, you can write content and these words can be displayed. Google Adsense will then look at your page content and work out what to display. You could double your income by changing words on your site.

Maybe Life insurance to life assurance or personal loan to loans or adverse credit to bad credit. Also sites tend to use one format and one position for the ads. Test, test, test Try different layouts and work out which ones work best for you. You may be surprised. Test, test, test There are several tools that can help you identify keywords but the best for you would be either the Google Adwords program or Overture view bids tool.

Don't worry about thinking you are doing anything wrong. In fact, think about it - you will be creating relevant content for Google to display and for their users to read. Users are happy, Google are happy and you will earn more revenue from Adsense. So hopefully you'll be happy too! A Win Win situation! Again, like most things rather than reinvent the wheel there is a whole book on Adsense written my friend William Charlwood has written The Definitive Guide to Google AdSense which tells you exactly how to make money by hosting small ads on your website. It is a detailed road-map of everything you need to do to get going and then maximize your Adsense income.

Once you've got it right, you can look forward to a check every month from Google. Check this out here: So there you are, there are two sides to the Google coin. Are you using both sides!.

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