How to Get FREE Internet Access on Your Computer on the Move

Will mobile internet ever be possible? Mobiles phone service providers give you access to the internet or at least that is the claimed. However, there are issues of boundaries, availability of good signals, telephone memory which affects down load speeds and the most prohibitive aspect is the cost. You can have access to the internet via your computer on the move using s data card with a starting price of nearly 50 per month for limited access. Unlimited access via data card can cost as much as 150 per month. WEBAROO soon to be on the market is about to change all that. This device in conjunction with a computer or other mobile tool for the first time gives you the ability to have "Web on your computer on the move".

This clever little tool does google searches on the underground, on a plan, on top of a mountain or even in the wildest part of the Amazon jungles. How does Webaroo add the power of internet to your computer? Cutting edge compression technology which is the core of this device saves the internet on the hard drive of your computer or on your memory chip of your computer. The whole internet is compressed into 2 gigabytes of memory and it is thereafter yours to take it with you to where you want to take your computer. What are the benefits of this technology? There are no wifi issues to be concerned about. There are no costs for the use of internet on the move.

You simply have free internet at your finger tips on your computer to use as you please. You can access useful information like maps, encyclopaedia and even news stories. Short comings of Webaroo? You don't have access to the entire web. Your access to the web is limited to the internet as seen by google. The amount of information being help does depend on the memory of your computer. Depending on the popularity of your search term, the search results are limited to the first few pages as opposed to the entire search results for your chosen term.

Updates are only possible when the machine is hooked up to the internet the next time. Finally, Webaroo is not just another internet device or tool to fit neatly in a niche that has remained available for a long while. It is innovation itself. Webaroo; for the first time, has made it possible for people to have internet on their computer and in their pocket at its very first attempt.

And, all that technology, information and system for free onj your computer and on the move. Because of this achievement, Webaroo is therefore a very serious contender on the market with a myriad of possibilities. Webaroo is very good news for the market because it will encourage other suppliers in the market to come up with even more innovative products.

Cheaper internet access via your computer on the move is really needed and I hope that Webaroo makes big inroads into that area by its very presence.

Internet is the future. Free access will make it possible for everyone to have access to the internet. Having the right computer is equally as important. For info. visit our site at


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