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In this day in age, it seems as if all individuals have at least once piece of electronic equipment with them, often at all times. That electronic equipment may include a cell phone, a beeper, a laptop, or a personal data assistant, commonly known as a PDA. If you are one of the individuals that regularly travels around with one or more of these electronic items, there is a good chance that you will be taking them with you when you board an airplane.

If so, there is a chance that you may be concerned with whether or not they are a violation of air travel rules. When it comes to determining which electronics are forbidden to board a plane, you will find that almost all are allowed. Despite this assignment, it is still a good idea that you consult your airline or airport, in advance. Given that the majority of electronic goods are expensive, who do not want to get to the airport only to learn that it is forbidden to carry all their belongings with you, especially something as expensive as most electronic equipment.

As mentioned earlier, many individuals keep a cell phone or pager with them at all times. All pagers and cell phones are allowed on board aircraft. In addition to being allowed to board, they are allowed to be stored in your carryon luggage. Your cell phone or pager, like most other electronic devices, will be suspect in the inspection, if necessary.

The laptops and personal data assistants, commonly called PDAs, are also allowed on board aircraft. You are also allowed to store in your carryon baggage, if you choose to. If stored in your carryon luggage, your laptop or personal computer should be scanned with the rest of your carryon luggage. This selection process is safe and should not hurt your equipment. While the selection process is safe for most electronic equipment, is not for everyone. There is a possibility that his film, especially the film has not yet been developed, it may be ruined by the X-ray machines.

In the event that the storage of a camera in your carryon baggage, it will have to notify airport security. They have alternative ways of controlling the camera or the film equipment. Other recording devices, such as digital cameras or camcorders, are also allowed to board a plane, even in his carryon luggage. It is certain that these items pass through the X-ray screening process. As previously mentioned, a lot of electronics mentioned above can be placed in your carryon baggage or checked baggage. If you are able to store the items in your carryon baggage, it is advisable to do so.

It is no secret that checked baggage is tossed around a number of different ways. With expensive electronic equipment, your equipment is less likely to suffer damage if you are the one in charge of taking care of him. In addition to a reduction in damages, most airlines restrict the use of luggage locks.

This means that it might be unwise for you to store expensive equipment in your checked luggage, especially if you can not lock it. Honestly, you never know who can access it. By keeping the above mentioned information in mind, you should be able to pack correctly for your next trip, whether or not that trip is a business trip. Although most airlines do not have restrictions on the electronic equipment that you bring onboard, you will find that the use of these items is often restricted. A large number of airlines will only let you power up your camcorder, cell phone, pager, PDA, or laptop during specified times.

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