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An iPhone is a multimedia phone, which is marketed and designed by Apple Inc. The phone was announced on 9th January 2007, following lots of speculation and rumors. Finally it was introduced on 29th June 2007 in United States. This Internet enabled mobile phone has multi-touch screen and some of the hi-tech functionality of this phone includes portable media player, camera phone, Internet services like web browsing, email and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The iPhone with its virtual keyboard is easy to operate and handle and it supports EDGE data technology. The phone has an international competence as it uses GSM standard. As per the Apple's website, the specification of the phone includes ? 2 mega pixel cameras, iPhone Operating System, 8.9 cm screen size, Bluetooth 2.

0 with EDR, 16 or 8 GB Flash Memory, 135 gram weight and Size: 1156111.6 mm. Some basic features include conferencing, caller ID, call merging, call holding etc. This is certainly one of the amazing handsets ever came out but as it works only with AT&T, the phone has disappointed a large number of mobile phone users.

Initially, the iPhones came with a SIM lock in place and were sold only on AT&T network. Many hackers tried to "unlock" iPhone and some of them succeeded too. Infact, lots of carriers have come up who sell unlocked iPhones. It's been said that about quarter of this phone sold in U.S were not with AT&T network. As per the speculation these phones were shipped abroad and were unlocked.

Normally, iPhone doesn't allow users to access media player and other web features unless the phone is activated with an endorsed carrier. But on the contrary, Jon Lech Johansen on his blog reported that he has unblocked the iPhone by effectively bypassing the above requirement. He has implemented some modifications of iTunes binary and used some custom software as per the reports.

The logic behind unlocking the iPhone is its cost effectiveness. What if you plan for a world tour or go for some business trip to Europe and plan to stay there for few days. Rather than paying extra price to AT&T, you would like to take advantage of the local calls with pre-paid European card and your AT&T SIM card. Also, you may opt to use the service of cellular provider T-Mobile and not AT&T. Last year, many hackers sold the software to unlock iPhones to resellers who began to sell the software to the masses for around $100. The hackers demonstrated the method to unlock iPhones.

But then another group of hackers came up, who allowed the public to unlock the iPhones free of charge with the help of open source software. In Germany, the T-Mobile cellular provider on 21st November 2007 announced that they would provide access to the unlocked phones to the public and without a T-Mobile contract. Exclusive rights were granted to T-Mobile by a German court, to sell SIM lock iPhone. In addition, they can voluntarily offer their customers to unlock the iPhone, after the contract is terminated.

Apple is constantly trying to caution the customers, posting warning signs that the unlocked iPhones will not cover the warranty. On the other hand Apple geniuses are accepting bricked iphones as per the report. It is not confirmed whether they are just swapping units out or are into low-level reflash. Around four customers have been reported to walk in with iBricks and walk out with iPhones. It is still not known whether they have unlocked their phones or not.

The hackers of iphones are making Apple really unhappy. The unauthorized third party applications in their iPhone are something that they would never like to happen. Recently, the company has updated software in the phone, which behaves like a virus. This software can turn iPhone into "bricks" if someone tries to wreck operation of third party applications.

In France, Orange is soon to offer Apple iPhone and the most fascinating aspect of this partnership is that officially for the first time, unlocked handsets would be available. It's been reported that French law prevents the exclusive tie up of handsets with the network. The consumers are free to switch from one network to another as per their convenience. The locked iPhone would be sold at ?399 by the Orange and the price for unlocked model is yet to be specified. The vice president of Apple, Greg Joswiak said that they would resist any unauthorized unlocking of the handsets. He also confirmed the comments of chief executive, Steve Jobs, who at the time of launch said that "It's a cat and mouse game.

People will break in, it's our job to stop them." Despite the uncertainty from the rivals, who said that the iPhone were too costly and doesn't encompass fundamental capabilities, a large number of sales of this handset have been registered.

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